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TEHNOMETAL LLC Dasnica Aleksandrovac

Systems for packing and charging
Tehnometal is a company which designs, develops, manufactures and installs machines and complete lines for packing and charging. It deals with issues related to charging, packing, sealing and labeling alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, refreshment drinks, soda drinks, natural spring water and mineral water.
Tehnometal, Aleksandrovac


Our wish is to be the best choice for buyers. We achieve this with constant improvements of production processes, reliability which our machines and devices provide, raising the level of knowledge of our employees, costs management, choosing the best suppliers and all this with a single goal of gaining world class quality of our products.


To amaze buyers with our products and results in a certain way which will make it possible for owners to achieve the given goals and give the employees long-term social security together with the possibility to accomplish their personal, economic and social goals. 


Meeting the buyers’ requests, which we will achieve with motivated, capable and satisfied employees who show great dedication to the company. In all work fields we plan, execute and check the business quality, environmental protection and safety and health of workers. The processes are established according to the standard demands for quality management systems - the standard ISO 9001, the relation towards the environment – standard ISO 14001 and managing health and safety of workers – OHSAS 18001 standard. These provide the constant improvement of:

  • Quality of production and processes,
  • The effects on the environment,
  • Informing, education and communication,
  • The appliance of the most modern CNC machines, tools and measuring devices in manufacturing our machines, devices and parts,
  • Projection and development of modern equipment for beverage industry,
  • Development of a management systems which include the associates


Realization of goals set in annual or long-term business plans together with balanced and completely overcome growth of the company. To maintain, control and constantly perfect the management systems according to the proper international standards. To recognize the valid legislative and other demands which the company respects. To encourage suppliers and buyers to continually improve the performance of quality demands, environment protection as well as the health and safety of workers. Respecting the content of the documents, whether it is technical and technological or other, is the obligation of all employees of Tehnometal, Dasica.

Tehnometal, vizija, misija, strategija i ciljevi
Why us?
  • Great offer,
  • Fair prices,
  • Because we achieve constant improvements in production processes,
  • We give special discounts to regular customers!
  • Because our hard work so far has earned trust.
  • Because we are always available.
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Tehnometal designs, develops, manufactures and installs machines and complete lines for packing and charging.
    TEHNOMETAL d.o.o.
    Sales Department: +381(0) 37 761-136 (shop 115)


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