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TEHNOMETAL LLC Dasnica Aleksandrovac

Systems for packing and charging
Tehnometal is a company which designs, develops, manufactures and installs machines and complete lines for packing and charging. It deals with issues related to charging, packing, sealing and labeling alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, refreshment drinks, soda drinks, natural spring water and mineral water.
Tehnometal, Aleksandrovac

Tehnometal enginnering

Tehnometal takes a holistic approach in engineering. The packing line is a unique whole which works properly only if all the machines, filling machines, label machines, packing machines….work appropriately and together as one whole.

Tehnometal takes into consideration all your lines so that they can be a global integrated system.

Details make sense when you see the big picture, bigger than the total of individual machines. Your line is a complete performance and the product of our interaction.

Tehnometal considers that any modification within the lines and its impact on the overall performance, develops complete industrial solutions for the optimization of your complete property expense. Integrated, automatic installations make Tehnometal a company which completely derives from ranks of perfect engineering, equipment and service.

Tehnometal gives you access to advanced technologies and processes in every step of the way when it comes to charging, labeling, and packing…

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Why us?
  • Great offer,
  • Fair prices,
  • Because we achieve constant improvements in production processes,
  • We give special discounts to regular customers!
  • Because our hard work so far has earned trust.
  • Because we are always available.
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Tehnometal designs, develops, manufactures and installs machines and complete lines for packing and charging.
    TEHNOMETAL d.o.o.
    Sales Department: +381(0) 37 761-136 (shop 115)


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