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TEHNOMETAL LLC Dasnica Aleksandrovac

Systems for packing and charging
Tehnometal is a company which designs, develops, manufactures and installs machines and complete lines for packing and charging. It deals with issues related to charging, packing, sealing and labeling alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, refreshment drinks, soda drinks, natural spring water and mineral water.
Tehnometal, Aleksandrovac

Quality Policy Declaration

  • The quality represents the working style, cultural conduct, the knowledge and capability of every employee which is acquired systematically and is constantly improving. The goal is to meet the requests, needs and expectations of the users of our products.

  • We picked quality as a working category which simultaneously represents the philosophy, practice and orientation which brings changes in habits and everyday work through a systematic processing access.

  • The policy of Tehnometal LLC in Dasnica is to produce and launch quality products which will capture and satisfy the buyers and therefore be on the highest level.

  • All things considered, the introduction of the quality system ISO 9001:2000 standard into  practice is number one priority and will become the holder of the working culture and improvement of the overall life quality, the environment, health and safety of all employees.

  • Our constant orientation and business activities content is the creation of a cooperative atmosphere, trust and development of mutually beneficial relations and partnerships with the deliverers all in the benefit of users and other interested parties.

  • Being that quality is our priority the goal is the development and maintaining the market reputation of Tehnometal LLC in Dasnica, together with lowering the costs of business and increasing the efficiency, profitability and good working results.
Tehnogradnja, ISO sertifikat
Why us?
  • Great offer,
  • Fair prices,
  • Because we achieve constant improvements in production processes,
  • We give special discounts to regular customers!
  • Because our hard work so far has earned trust.
  • Because we are always available.
Are you ready to start your business?

Tehnometal designs, develops, manufactures and installs machines and complete lines for packing and charging.
    TEHNOMETAL d.o.o.
    Sales Department: +381(0) 37 761-136 (shop 115)


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